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Multipurpose Structural Epoxy Adhesive 552 - caulkable dual cartidge

450 ml
ConServ Epoxy 552 Structural Epoxy Adhesive is a medium viscosity, 2:1 mix ratio, room temperature or heat cure epoxy. This product has a room temperature working time of 90 minutes, and will cure virtually completely in 24 hours at 72F. This product has very specifically sized glass beads added to it to ensure proper bond-line thickness, and prevent joint starvation from over-clamping. It is sandable and paintable, so squeeze out is easily handled post cure. This 552 epoxy formulation will bond to wood, FRP, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and masonry that is clean and dry. The product is available in prepackaged 450 ml dual-cartridges. Use with ConServ Epoxy's Dual Cartridge Applicator 900-300XL and Static Mixing Tips.
Price break at 5, 10, 20, 40 and 60+ pieces.
Please read the following documents fully to familiarize yourself with the ConServ Structural Epoxy Adhesive 552:
Instructions and Technical Data
SDS for ConServ Epoxy 552 A
SDS for ConServ Epoxy 552 B


Multipurpose Structural Epoxy Adhesive 552 - caulkable dual cartidge
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