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How do I repair deck posts with animal damage?

Q: I am wondering if I can use epoxy to repair the top of two deck posts chewed by squirrels.

A: Carolyn,
Yes you can repair the post tops by first removing any soft flaking wood.  Then neatly saturate the end grain with #100 consolidant and cap with #200 patch.  Once cured it can be sanded and finished to blend into the surrounding wood.  The color of the epoxy patch is reddish brown.  If the posts are to be painted or finished with a solid stain, the repairs will blend in if care is taken to properly tool the cured patch.  A touch up coat of patch may be needed depending on the outcome of the first coat and the desired results.  This is the general technique used when the damage does not include decay fungi or insect damage.

Alternate: If you only need a small amount of #100 consolidant and #200 patch, consider using only #200 as follows.  Mix #200 A and B then apply this faster curing consolidant to the damaged area until neatly saturated.  Mix only some of the C filler into the metal can which has the remaining A and B ingredients.  Since you used some liquid already you wouldn't want to use the entire bag of C because it will start to thicken the mix too much, as well as increase the volume.  C is a filler not a thickener.  Mix enough C so that it still runs easily off the mixing stick.  Add small amounts of the white thickening agent D until you achieve the desired consistency.  The patch will stay in place if thickened enough.  There should be more than enough D so expect to have some left over unless the patch is made extremely thick. 

Always remember you can easily add more D.  If, for instance, you apply patch and it slumps, promptly remove it, place it back in the can and add more D.  This mixing information pertaining to thickening, applies to any batch of #200 patch.
-Paul Marlowe
Conserv Epoxy LLC Owner

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Great tips!! It's really a helpful post regarding deck repairing. This post shows all the important information related to deck safety and repair. I will use all these tips for my own deck.

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