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Verge Board Repair

June 17, 2008Q: I was wondering if the ConServ Epoxy products would stabilize my verge board. It is 140 years old and is 1 inch pine. There is some rot in it and some warping. Is it possible to apply...

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How do I repair deck posts with animal damage?

Q: I am wondering if I can use epoxy to repair the top of two deck posts chewed by squirrels.-Carolyn A: Carolyn,Yes you can repair the post tops by first removing any soft flaking wood.  Then neatly saturate the end...

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Restoring Window Joints

Q: I have not restored a lot of windows but that I have done some.  I was taught to apply epoxy adhesive to the wood joints when assembling and have discovered that this stiffens the frame up a lot.  I...

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