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Epoxy Restoration Videos

"Safety First" - Tips for Preparing to Mix Epoxy

Safety tips when preparing to mix and use ConServ Epoxy 100 consolidant and 200 patch safely.

Equipment Preparation to Mix and Apply Consolidant 100

Work area setup, methods and tools for mixing and applying our ConServ Epoxy 100 Consolidant.

Epoxy In Action

Epoxy being applied to a large wood timber joint. See how to mix ConServ Epoxy Consolidant 100, and then watch applications of consolidant to timber joints. Flexible Patch 200 is mixed and applied while Fiberglass Rebar 800 is also being used.

Product Breakdown

Dividing large sizes of our 100 and 200 into smaller sizes for project requirements. *Note: For those unfamiliar with our products, it is best to purchase smaller sizes to prevent errors in ratio affecting the cure.

Report From the Field with John Leeke: Marlowe Restorations LLC

An innovative post restoration with epoxy on white oak timbers.

ConServ Flexible Epoxy 100 & 200

Explanation of the test: Here is a simple epoxy flexibility test that we can all perform: Fill a 4" & if possible a 2-3/4" clean flexible plastic lid (coffee can lid etc.) with consolidant and another with patch/filler. No release agent should be necessary. Allow to cure until it is at least tack free and remove it from the lid. This should create a disc. that is approx. 3/16"-1/4" thick. Fold in half until two edges touch and release. The goal is to not split or break and it should rebound back to flat on its own within seconds. The consolidant should score an A+ and the patch approx. a B+ because the patch has fillers which will inhibit a quick and complete rebound on its own.

Blog April 18, 2012
Volume Discounts added

Most of our epoxy products and groups of products have newly structured volume discounts in place. Find this information within each product's descrip...

May 20, 2009
Controlling the amount of epoxy used with rebar

Q: I have an issue with overflowing epoxy or not enough epoxy inside a particular hole. I'm trying to get the right amount coming out when I insert wo...

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X200 Patch

Paul Marlowe, owner of ConServ Epoxy LLC, is proud to present a series of training videos for use of ConServ Epoxy products. By furnishing this technical support, we intend to assist the wood conservation professionals in performing efficient, quality installations.

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