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Marlowe Restorations LLC has long approached building health holistically, focused on maintenance & proper techniques of preservation & restoration carpentry. Lasting results are provided to structural & non-structural fabric, both interior & exterior components including doors & windows. Extensive experience using epoxy resins to stabilize & repair decayed wood. High filtration dust control equipment complements our work. As wood rot repair specialists we provide Consulting & Training Services which are available to share experience, knowledge & techniques throughout the USA and Canada.

  • Our 2003 tilt cab box truck is fully equipped with its own generator for power if needed and stocked with tools and equipment for various types of restoration work. Wood rot repair is our speciality.

  • c1920 Textured timbers to match originals. Epoxy Patch 200 used at all intersections and throughout to fill voids and checks prior to paint. Notice how no repairs are visible after epoxy was tooled and painted.

  • c1892 Porch post bottom extension. Photo shows boring oversized hole to accommodate epoxy and fiberglass rebar for a structural connection.

  • c1920 Oak post bottoms with fiberglass rebar epoxied into place and covered with EPDM membrane as a moisture barrier.

  • c1952 Window sill nosing had to be cut back due to extreme deterioration. Duplicate piece milled, epoxied and fastened into place.

  • c1805 Double hung window using an infrared paint remover, and HEPA filtered vaccuum for dust control.

  • c1790 Temporary adjustable wall supports for sill replacement with stud and siding repair.

  • c1914 Palladian window with Epoxy Patch 200 being applied to voids in the fluted trim.

  • c1913 Flower box bracket on this stuccoed building had extensive hidden rot, covered over by plywood.

  • c1913 Flower box has been consolidated and patched, ready for finish.

  • Cutting into a concrete slab on the interior of a basement using dust control. Two HEPA vacuums ganged up into one vacuum line connected to the grinder and a large portable air scrubber (PAS) inline to catch any excess dust.

  • Plunge cutting circular saw cutting concrete with dust control by means of HEPA vacuums and a portable air scrubber (PAS).

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Paul Marlowe, owner of ConServ Epoxy LLC, is proud to present a series of training videos for use of ConServ Epoxy products. By furnishing this technical support, we intend to assist the wood conservation professionals in performing efficient, quality installations.

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