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Plumstead Studios

5868 Haring Road

Plumsteadville, PA 18949

Phone Number: 215-766-8717


Plumstead Studios is a professional, full service stained glass company with over 35 years of experience offering excellent custom design and construction capabilities, along with expert repair, restoration, and maintenance assistance. Our services include: Custom design, fabrication, and installation of new decorative glass work; Utilization of state of the art conservation techniques to insure the integrity of historical windows; Repair and replacement of rotted and damaged wood millwork.

  • Rotted Millwork

  • Repair with Conserv Epoxy and new millwork

  • Repaired window

  • Gothic Window

  • Residential-Dragon

Blog April 18, 2012
Volume Discounts added

Most of our epoxy products and groups of products have newly structured volume discounts in place. Find this information within each product's descrip...

May 20, 2009
Controlling the amount of epoxy used with rebar

Q: I have an issue with overflowing epoxy or not enough epoxy inside a particular hole. I'm trying to get the right amount coming out when I insert wo...

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Paul Marlowe, owner of ConServ Epoxy LLC, is proud to present a series of training videos for use of ConServ Epoxy products. By furnishing this technical support, we intend to assist the wood conservation professionals in performing efficient, quality installations.

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