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Conserv Epoxy Contractor

Ray Locke

7889 West Hills Drive

Frederick, MD 21702

Phone Number: 301-788-0169


MHIC #98245, with 25 years experience, specializing in home renovations and repairs, custom furniture, and (sail)boat repairs. Computerized design, personalized attention and old-fashioned prices.

  • Home in Holly Hills (Iamsville, MD) had 18 rotten windows. Ray removed them, put in temporary inserts, and repaired the sashes, for much less than the cost of new windows.

  • Original sashes had extensive dry rot, much deeper than was apparent on the surface.

  • The rotted wood was removed, and a preservative applied. Other sashes with more damage necessitated Ray to make replacement pieces since the original manufacturer could not supply them.

  • After applying a wood preservative,and a fiberglass rod for strength, a bed of ConServ Epoxy is laid.

  • Repair is smoothed, and primed, ready for installation and finish painting.

  • Ray is pictured removing an interior brick wall to enlarge a kitchen/dining room.

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