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Volume Discounts added

Most of our epoxy products and groups of products have newly structured volume discounts in place. Find this information within each product's description. Discounts calculated automatically within shopping cart....

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Controlling the amount of epoxy used with rebar

Q: I have an issue with overflowing epoxy or not enough epoxy inside a particular hole. I'm trying to get the right amount coming out when I insert wood or rebar inside the hole. Are there any ways to control...

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Verge Board Repair

June 17, 2008Q: I was wondering if the ConServ Epoxy products would stabilize my verge board. It is 140 years old and is 1 inch pine. There is some rot in it and some warping. Is it possible to apply...

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How do I repair deck posts with animal damage?

Q: I am wondering if I can use epoxy to repair the top of two deck posts chewed by squirrels.-Carolyn A: Carolyn,Yes you can repair the post tops by first removing any soft flaking wood.  Then neatly saturate the end...

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Process for Restoration of House and Barn Sills

House sills, barn sills etc. can often be restored with wood preservative and epoxy.  The sills usually rot from the bottom outside area and the decay fungus works its way up and into the sill.  If there was a membrane...

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Techniques to inhibit wood decay

The new wood most available today for exterior applications is prone to rot from decay fungi.  There are some species not grown in monocultures or force fed with fertilizers that better resist decay.  I think many of us, especially those...

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Heat build-up with epoxy pour

Q: In the church finial post, Paul Marlowe mentioned dissipating the heat buildup when you pour epoxy.  I tried to do a pour for a turned porch base or pedestal, and the pour almost caught fire.  It was smoking and...

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Restoring Window Joints

Q: I have not restored a lot of windows but that I have done some.  I was taught to apply epoxy adhesive to the wood joints when assembling and have discovered that this stiffens the frame up a lot.  I...

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Borates and epoxy repair question

Q: In another post on this website it says that borates should be applied to all surfaces previous to applying epoxy, or that is the way I understood.  I'm referring to Paul Marlowe's reply to the Church finial post. I...

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Shelf Life

Q: What is the "official" shelf life of the epoxy consolidant and patch filler?What is the practical shelf life? And what can I do to extend the shelf life?-johnleeke May 05, 2007A: The "official" shelf life is one year.  The...

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