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Offering various FLEXIBLE and STRUCTURAL epoxies for your restoration needs

Wood Rot Repair and Restoration Epoxy System

ConServ Epoxy offers structural and flexible wood rot repair epoxies that have long outperformed the competition. ConServ was originally developed and field tested over 40 years ago by wood conservation pioneers for use in their own projects. They made sure that this reliable wood repair system was also the most versatile, adaptable and comprehensive. The ConServ system was developed by wood restoration professionals for use by other professionals. Applications performed over 30 years ago continue to endure on national landmarks and historic structures.

Consulting and Training Services

We offer professional consulting, assessment and training services for wood decay conditions throughout the country and into Canada. Whether on site or over the phone, we can help you with the important aspects of planning and carrying out your project. Contact Us, and/or find out more about our Consulting Services here at Decay Zone Solutions, and let us help meet your needs for your restoration or repair.

Durable Because It's Flexible

ConServ offers wood restoration epoxy systems that last longer because they stay flexible and move with wood to form a stable, long lasting repair. Our Epoxy Consolidants (100, W100 and X100) and Wood Epoxy Patch and Paste Fillers (200, S200, W200, X200 and 300) work together to stabilize, rebuild, and help to prevent future rot in wood.

Structural Applications can warrant different products

Sometimes certain applications require a different approach. The Rigid Epoxy Repair 600 is used for consolidating, casting, or made into a paste filler for structural repairs. The 600 can be used with aggregate and Epoxy Thickener to slow the cure and stretch the epoxy without compromising the performance. The Fiberglass Rebar 800 series can be used with any of our epoxies to make durable structural connections. All of our epoxies are commonly used on structural members. Contact ConServ for product recommendations.

Experience and Design Make It Better

Over the years, close collaboration with experts in the field has helped to keep ConServ Epoxy products state of the art. ConServ Epoxy LLC’s owner, Paul Marlowe, is proud to continue a significant tradition of master installer ownership for ConServ Epoxy. He is also the owner of Marlowe Restorations LLC, a historic building preservation company based in Connecticut, and has been using the ConServ Epoxy system since 1987.

Remember, ConServ Epoxy is the wood restoration and repair system developed by and for the professional wood conservator. Be sure to check out the instructions and technical data sheets for our epoxies (located in the product information for each item in the shopping cart), and see our Epoxy Question & Answer Blog for more information. We welcome all questions and suggestions from the field!


INSTRUCTIONS: Read the Instructions and Technical Data. These important pdf links are located under the paragraph description for each epoxy on the product pages.

EPOXY CHOICE: ConServ flexible epoxy 100, 200 and or 300 series vs our rigid epoxy 600 series. What choice will best fit your needs? We can make suggestions if you contact us at 203-484-4123 or email us through the contact page.

FULL SETS: The 100 consolidant and 200 patch have multiple speeds and 6 standard size sets. Ideally, first time customers begin by using a convenient size and speed of epoxy, which allows you to mix the entire set right in the A can. This recommended approach allows the installer to get familiar using the ConServ Epoxy System prior to deciding whether to measure out the ingredients on your own. Mixing full sets of 100 and 200 also saves time and lessens the risk of making mistakes.

PACKAGING: If you do plan to measure out smaller batches of 100 and 200, please contact us so we can offer to package the A resin in a plastic container and provide an additional spout for no extra charge. This makes A much easier to dispense into smaller sizes. Inexpensive measuring beakers are also available in the shopping cart or by calling 203-484-4123.

CALL CONSERV at 203-484-4123 if you are not sure what to order, need help placing an order, are a CT tax exempt organization, or have other questions not answered in the instruction and technical data documents.

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Paul Marlowe, owner of ConServ Epoxy LLC, is proud to present a series of training videos for use of ConServ Epoxy products. By furnishing this technical support, we intend to assist the wood conservation professionals in performing efficient, quality installations.

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