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Rigid Epoxy Repair 600-1 (10 gallon set)

600-1 Rigid Epoxy Repair: This 10 gallon set is shipped in 2 (5) gallon pails with pour spouts.
ConServ 600 Rigid Epoxy Repair is a high strength epoxy designed for various applications where flexibility, tooling or detailed finishing is not required. Use only A and B liquid as a low viscosity rigid consolidant for decay, add ConServ Epoxy 200-1 D fumed silica thickener to create a paste for filling small to medium size voids or cast large voids by adding aggregate and a little thickener to hold the resins in suspension while curing. Casting large voids with the use of sand and/or stone aggregate will minimize heat generation (exothermic reaction) and increase the volume with less epoxy. The 600 Rigid epoxy is harder to sand and drill than our other epoxies. If unsure about product choice, call ConServ for technical support.
Price break at 3, 6 and 12+ pieces.
Please read the following documents fully to familiarize yourself with the ConServ Rigid Epoxy Repair 600:
Instructions and Technical Data
SDS for ConServ Epoxy 600 A
SDS for ConServ Epoxy 600 B
SDS for ConServ Epoxy 200 D (thickener)


Rigid Epoxy Repair 600-1 (10 gallon set)

Available Sizes: 10 Gallon Set (smaller sizes available, listed seperately)

Price: $1,222.00

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