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Available Sizes: One Hour, Three Quarter Hour, Half Hour, Quarter Hour

Decay Zones are areas of wood infested with decay fungi, and can range from superficial decay, as found in trim, to large established zones in structural timber.

ConServ has been the leading source for information and products when making structural and non-structural wood repairs since 1980. Working with Architects, Engineers, Conservators, Contractors, Consultants and Building Owners, our consulting service provides efficient, durable solutions for simple or complex projects that have damage from fungi, insects or storms, as well as specifications for rot prevention.

Our goal is to be part of your team, and assist you in providing the most economic and professional repairs on damaged wooden fabric. ConServ consulting services can be purchased directly through the shopping cart, by contacting us at 203-484-4123 or by sending an email and one photo through the website. More photos can be shared later on by more direct emails.

We are ready to help you develop a path to reach your goals. Learn more about ConServ epoxies by reading the "Instructions and Technical Data" sheets. These pdf links are underlined and located directly below the item description of each epoxy product in the shopping cart. Standard product support is always free of charge.

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