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200-1 D Extra Epoxy Thickener Fumed Silica-white powder

1 bag
ConServ Epoxy's 200-1 D is the powdered thickening component for the 200 series epoxy patch, can also be used with ConServ Epoxy's Rigid Epoxy Repair 600, or for thickening any epoxy, mortar, or concrete.
*Please note* This item is already included in any size set of the 200, S200 or W200. It is sold individually here to be used to thicken the 600 Structural Consolidant.
Price break at 12, 24, 36 and 72+ pieces of any combination of 200-1 C and 200-1 D.
Please read the following documents fully for more information and to familiarize yourself with the ConServ Epoxy thickener 200-1 D:
SDS for ConServ Epoxy 200 D
Instructions and Technical Data for ConServ Epoxy 600


200-1 D Extra Epoxy Thickener Fumed Silica-white powder
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